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Twilight Sparkle
[X] You have a huge collection of books.
[X] You value your alone time.
[X] You have trouble making friends.
[/] You are very intelligent.
[ ] You write letters regularly.
[ ] You find a lesson in everything.
[/] You have trouble doing things.
[ ] You've recently moved to a new town.
[x] You're rather sarcastic.
[ ] You're often accused of being a know-it-all.
Total: 4.5

Pinkie Pie
[ ] You're the black sheep of the family.
[ ] You're majorly hyper.
[ ] You love to siiiing!
[ ] You're known for throwing great parties!
[ ] You're great at baking.
[ ] People sometimes don't get your jokes.
[ ] You're a prankster.
[ ] You're a super-intense personality.
[ ] You have strange pets.
[ ] You are known to go to extremes.
Total: 0

[X] You're very stubborn.
[ ] You find great joy in working.   
[X] You prefer the country to the city.
[ ] You speak with an accent.
[X] You HATE cheating.
[ ] You have freckles.
[X] You prefer casual wear rather than flashy things.
[/] You wear your hair in a ponytail. (I used to until I changed my bangs style, and I do miss it)
[X] You have a large family.
[X] You have trouble lying.
Total: 6.5

Rainbow Dash
[X] You love winning. 
[ ] You like sports.
[ ] You have a funky haircolor.
[X] You have fanboy/ girl tendencies.
[ ] You have no problem speaking your mind.
[X] You will give up anything for your friends.
[X] You like being recognized for good things.
[ ] You have no problem being 'one of the guys/ girls'
[ ] You act now, think later.
[ ] You're very brave.
Total: 4

[ ] You love being the center of attention.  
[ ] You have a cat.    
[ ] You sew well.
[ ] It's well-known that you're somewhat vain.
[ ] You love the excitement of the city!
[X] You will overwork yourself to do something nice for your friends.
[ ] You wear makeup.
[ ] You're prone to whining.
[ ] You have expensive tastes.
[ ] You enjoy 'girl-time/ bro- time'
Total: 1

[/] You HATE being the center of attention. (It depends. I like to be recognized for my hard work, as it does help to combat my low self-esteem. But ever other time, I like to hide in the background.)
[X] You struggle with sharing your mind.
[X] You love animals and help them however you can.
[ ] You're graceful.                               
[/] You're very quiet or soft-spoken.    
[ ] You have a secret mean-streak.
[ ] You've been told you could model.
[ ] You're the eldest of your friends.
[X] You like wearing your hair loose and long.
[ ] You're very nurturing.
Total: 4


I didn’t expect Applejack to be my top. I’m more of a mixture between Fluttershy and Twilight. Applejack would be the third member of the Mane 6 that I’m most like.








Stolen from…


1. You must post the rules. 

2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal. 

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.

4. You have to choose some people you talk with on dA every now and then (no specific number) to tag and post their icons on your journal. 

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

6. No tag backs.

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag your own number of people.


5 things about me:


1. I am a recent college graduate.

2. My favorite color is purple—especially darker purples.

3. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack to the new My Little Pony movie—especially the villain songs.

4. With the Meyer’s-Briggs Personality test, I’m an INFJ—which is the rarest type.

5. Pokemon Ruby is my second favorite Pokemon game, so I’m super excited for the remake.



1. What type of Pony are you? Earth, Pegasus or Unicorn?

I would probably be a unicorn, as I have a fascination with magic, and it would be easier to be a writer if I could use magic rather than my mouth.


2. From which city/province of Equestria do you hail from? (it can be a play-on-words of a real-life city/province if you'd like)

The outskirts of Ponyville, most likely. I’m not much of a city gal.


3. What kind of family do you come from?

A large one.


4. What is your job?

At the moment, I’m looking for one. I’ve had about twelve interviews in the past two months, and nothing so far… But no matter what, I’m a writer.


5. Would you consider yourself a movie buff?

No, not really.


6. Have you ever met any of the Mane 6? Who's your favorite and why?

Fluttershy is my favorite, as she’s a lot like me. She’s shy, with a gentle heart. She’s also very cute in the show, and I love watching her overcome her weaknesses.


7. Favorite Princess?



8. Are there any famous Bronies you look up to?

Dr. Wolf, because he always has something positive to stay, and he enjoys helping others. He also doesn’t really curse or talk about inappropriate things.


9. Would you be more comfortable with being an Anthro Pony or a regular Pony?



10. How did you discover the Pony fandom?

Somebody on dA had a link to the Winter Wrap-up song, and I thought the animation was cute and the song was catchy. It wasn’t too long after that I decided to check-out the show, and then I was hooked!


11. Has becoming a Brony ever helped you at all?

Yep. Over the past few years, I’ve suffered with depression, and during the really bad times, I could watch an episode of MLP and be happy for those twenty minutes. It was also something unique about me, with the people I interacted with at college. It made me feel special, explaining my love of the show to nonbronies.


12. Are you proud to be a Brony?

Yep. Not in an annoying in your face way, but I’m not ashamed of it in anyway.


13. Favorite MLP fan artists?

Krowzivitch, SilverSlinger, uotapo, Epicrainbowcrafts, WhiteDove-Creations, TheDoggyGals, sophiecabra, semehammer, Mickeymonster, and pepooni, just to name a few.


14. What Mane 6 member would you consider yourself to be most like and why?

I’ve already explained with Fluttershy, but I also think I’m very much like Twilight, in that I love books and learning, and I love magic (why can’t it be real?). I also can get stressed out really easily (though, I don’t show it as much as Twilight does).


15. Lemon-lime or Orange soda?

Ew. Both are gross.


16. Name a mixture of snacks you came up with on the spot.

No idea… I’m very picky, and all of the mixes I can think of already exist…


17. What do you usually do to clear your head and relax? And would you say it's proven effective at all?

Write, listen to music, watch MLP or anime. And yeah, it’s been effective.


18. Favorite games?

Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon XD (it was a cool concept, though I wish it had been longer, with a little more of an open world), Ocarina of Time, Windwaker.



Master Shunner. I became an apprentice on a school field trip in middle school, and a Master during high school.


20. Favorite kind of music?

Country—but actual Country, and not the crap on the radio today.


21. Favorite era of music and what era were you born in?

Eighties and nineties for Country music. The 2000’s weren’t bad either. I was born in the nineties.


22. What is your dream car?

A Geek Squad car! Just because. :P


23. Do you prefer the Army, Air Force, Marines, or Navy?

I don’t know. They all do their part to serve our country.


24. Coffee or tea?

Neither. Chocolate milk!


25. Do you like any Pony Shippings? If so, what?

A little bit Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, and I do like Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, though I wish Flash had a bit more character… And I don’t mind the Celestia and Discord ship, though I see that as more of Discord just being a troll and Celestia trying not to care because she doesn’t 100% trust Discord.


26. Would you consider yourself having a thing for any of the Ponies?

Nope. I’m not attracted to horses.


27. Name a moment from the show that left you just plain confused.

Magical Mystery Cure. While I am a little more okay with Twilight being an alicorn princess now, it still was a horribly done episode.


28. Who is best Pony?

Fluttershy. Or Luna. It’s a tough choice between the two of them.


29. Who's a silly pony?

Pinkie Pie, of course. :P


30. Your stance on My Little Pony: Equestria Girls?

I thought it was going to be horrible, but I actually enjoyed it. It does have its flaws, but it was WAY better than I thought it was going to be.


31. Feeling lucky...punk?



32. Do you like One-Liners?



33. If you could Ponify and movie/game/TV show, what would it be?

Hmm… I don’t really know. I mean, I think ponifications can be cool, but I don’t go out looking for them.


34. Favorite Brony musician(s)?

The Living Tombstone, Alex S., BlackGryph0n, and Luna Jax.


35. Weapon(s) of choice?

Magic and a broadsword.


36. What would be your entrance song of choice and why?

Not sure… Maybe… Loser Like Me. Because it’s a fun song, and one that shows I don’t care what others think about me.


Last question! 


37. What do you find yourself doing when bored?

Writing, or surfing Pinterest, or watching anime, or playing a video game, or feeling out memes like this.



It is done. Now for the tagging of others.


I tag... Whoever wants to do it.

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  • Listening to: The sound of jars boiling
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Naruto Shippuuden



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"You know what is right. You know what is wrong. Make your choice." - Me

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